• A new concept in charity fundraising: philanthropic shakedown

    With the help of the bribers, over $10,000 went to charity and Larry David joined Twitter.

Some things to know about Charity Bribes


Hope and large numbers of people are powerful things.

Charity Bribes is a platform that allows anyone to create a bribe for a celebrity to do something awesome. Anyone can pledge money to that bribe and, if the celebrity takes the bribe and accomplishes the challenge within 30 days from the time the bribe closes, the money goes to the charity indicated.


Every bribe and charity is completely user-submitted.

The users of Charity Bribes have complete control and responsibilty of future bribes and charity selection. Charity Bribes is a platform and a resource; we’re not directly involved in the idea of the bribes themselves. Charity Bribes is here to handle the pledges and deliver them safely to the chosen charity. Anyone can submit an idea for a bribe on Charity Bribes as long as it follows our guidelines.




Harnessing star power with the scale and drive of the internet for a philanthropic cause could be a winning combination. Not to mention entertaining in the process.

Together, Charity Bribes and bribers make a lot of good happen.

Users suggest a creative bribe and chartity. If more users like a bribe suggestion, they can vote on it to get passed into funding. Funding on Charity Bribes is all-or-nothing — bribes must reach their funding goals to receive any money. All-or-nothing funding might seem scary, but it’s amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea. This is a fun way to try to get a celebrity to do something we would appreciate. Something funny, odd, or interesting. Something awesome. More importantly, it raises money for worthy causes and helps make the world a little bit better.


Every bribe must be creative.

The bribes that are submitted must be creative. Most importantly; safe and fun for the celebrity. In the end if the celebrity does not take the bribe and accomplish the challenge within the allotted time, everyone is completely refunded.



Get enough people to put in a few bucks and then approach the designated celebrity in hopes that a large donation to their favorite charity is worth a bit of bizarre behavior.