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About Us

Welcome to Charity Bribes, where the power of the crowd meets the influence of celebrities for a good cause! We're a unique platform that allows users to come together, pledge funds, and create fun and entertaining challenges for celebrities or public figures. The best part? All the proceeds go to a charity supported by the celebrity.

Our Journey

Charity Bribes was initially launched in 2012 by a team of innovative minds. The project gathered significant attention and gained traction, but unfortunately, it was shut down in 2013. In 2015, the original founders decided to hand over the project to a new owner, our current Chief Briber, who worked tirelessly to relaunch the platform in 2023. Building on the fantastic foundation laid by the original team, we've made significant updates and improvements to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the project.

Our Mission

At Charity Bribes, our mission is simple: to create a fun, engaging, and positive platform that brings people together, harnesses the power of celebrities, and raises funds for deserving charities. We believe in the potential of collective action and the impact it can have on the world. Through our innovative approach, we aim to spark conversations, generate buzz, and ultimately make a difference for those in need.

How It Works

Users can submit bribe suggestions, upvote or downvote other users' ideas, and pledge funds towards a chosen celebrity's challenge. Once a bribe suggestion is selected, the campaign goes live, and the celebrity has a limited time to complete the challenge. If the celebrity successfully completes the challenge, the funds raised are donated to their chosen charity. We've created a transparent and user-friendly platform that makes it easy for users to participate and for celebrities to engage with their fans while supporting a good cause.

Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises passionate individuals who are committed to making a difference through innovation and creativity. We work tirelessly to ensure that Charity Bribes remains a fun, engaging, and positive platform for users and celebrities alike.

Our Community

We believe in the power of community and the impact it can have when people come together for a common goal. Our users play an essential role in the success of Charity Bribes, submitting creative bribe suggestions, voting on their favorites, and pledging funds to support charitable causes. By building a strong, engaged, and supportive community, we can make a lasting impact together.

Our Partnership with Benevity

We are proud to have partnered with Benevity, a leading global corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software provider. This collaboration allows us to seamlessly process donations and ensure that the funds raised through our platform reach the chosen charities efficiently and securely.

By leveraging Benevity's extensive network of charitable organizations and their robust donation processing infrastructure, we can offer our users and celebrities a trustworthy and reliable platform for supporting good causes. Our presence on Benevity also enables us to tap into the power of corporate giving programs and increase our impact.

If your employer uses Benevity for their corporate giving program, you can also contribute to Charity Bribes campaigns through their platform. This way, you can take advantage of any matching funds or other benefits offered by your company while supporting our mission to create positive change through collective action and celebrity influence.

Together with Benevity, we strive to make charitable giving accessible, engaging, and impactful for everyone involved in our campaigns. Join us in making a difference, one bribe at a time.

Registered Canadian Non-Profit Organization

Charity Bribes is proud to be a registered non-profit organization in Canada. Our status as a non-profit ensures that our primary focus is on making a positive impact in the world through our innovative approach to charitable giving.

As a Canadian non-profit, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability. This commitment allows us to build trust with our users, celebrities, and charity partners as we work together to create meaningful change.

By supporting Charity Bribes, you are contributing to a community-driven platform that is genuinely devoted to making a difference. Join us in our mission to harness the power of collective action and celebrity influence to benefit good causes, one bribe at a time.

Stay Connected

We invite you to join our journey as we continue to grow and evolve. Follow us on X (f.k.a. Twitter) (@charitybribes) and download our Briber iOS app to stay updated on the latest news, events, and campaigns. Together, let's create memorable moments, inspire change, and make the world a better place—one bribe at a time.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or mention us at @charitybribes. We're here to help!

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