Charity Bribes

Bribe Policy

Last updated: March 26, 2023

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Bribe Policy is to establish guidelines and principles for creating and participating in bribe campaigns on the Charity Bribes platform. We aim to ensure that all bribes are in line with our mission, values, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all users, including those who submit bribe suggestions, pledge money, and the celebrities or public figures targeted by the bribe campaigns.

3. Guiding Principles

a) Positivity: All bribes should be positive, fun, and engaging for both the users and the celebrities or public figures. We aim to create a friendly and supportive environment.

b) Legality: Bribes must comply with applicable laws and regulations. Any illegal, discriminatory, or harmful suggestions will be removed.

c) Respect: We encourage users to respect the celebrities' or public figures' privacy, consent, and boundaries. Bribes should not harass, intimidate, or cause harm to any individual.

d) Transparency: The progress and outcome of each bribe campaign should be transparent to all users, including the amount pledged and the final result.

4. Bribe Submission, Review, and Approval Process

a) Users can submit bribe suggestions through the Charity Bribes platform, and submissions are published immediately.

b) The community and Charity Bribes team will review bribe suggestions after they are published.

c) The Charity Bribes team reserves the right to edit or remove any bribe suggestions that do not comply with this policy or our terms of service.

d) Users can upvote or downvote bribe suggestions. While the number of votes is a good indicator, the Charity Bribes team holds the ability to select a bribe suggestion for funding regardless of the number of votes.

5. Bribe Limitations

a) Bribes should not involve any dangerous, harmful, or illegal activities.

b) Bribes should not involve nudity, explicit content, or anything that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

c) Bribes should not involve any form of harassment, intimidation, or invasion of privacy.

6. Compliance and Enforcement

a) Users who repeatedly submit inappropriate bribe suggestions or violate this policy may be subject to account suspension or termination.

b) The Charity Bribes team may report any illegal or harmful activities to the appropriate authorities

By participating in the Charity Bribes platform, users agree to comply with this Bribe Policy and acknowledge that failure to do so may result in removal of their bribe suggestions, suspension, or termination of their account.

7. Bribe Release

If a celebrity or public figure decides to accept the bribe and complete the challenge, the pledged funds will be released to the indicated charity. If the celebrity or public figure does not accept the bribe but does not match the total amount pledged, the funds will be refunded to the users who made the pledge. However, if the celebrity or public figure chooses to match the total amount pledged, Charity Bribes may release the funds to the indicated charity. In such cases, Charity Bribes will retain a 5% fee from the total amount pledged to cover operating costs and further development of the platform.

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