Charity Bribes

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"Bribe Larry David to Join Twitter"

On March 13th, 2012, Charity Bribes was born with the aim of making the world a better place through fun and innovative ways. For our first bribe, we set our sights on the legendary comedian and writer, Larry David. Our goal was simple: get him to join Twitter, and in doing so, raise funds for a worthy cause.

In just 30 days, 103 generous bribe pledgers had committed a total of $10,163 to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Larry David had 30 days to take the bribe, join Twitter, and trigger the donation to the NRDC. If he chose not to do so, no one would be charged anything, no donation would be made to the NRDC, and we would all go on with our lives, albeit in a comparatively much less awesome way.

The world waited with bated breath, and we waited 27 days to see what would happen. And finally, Larry David took the bribe! He joined Twitter using the alias @larrydavid4 and sent out his first tweet: "I was told by Charity Bribes that if I Tweeted, they'd give 10k to NRDC. Pay up!" The hilarious tweet garnered attention from media outlets around the world and put Charity Bribes on the map.

In the end, not only did Larry David join Twitter and donate $10,163 to a worthy cause, but he also helped launch Charity Bribes into the public eye.

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