Frequently Asked Questions

Wait…what the…?

Charity Bribes is a platform that allows anyone to create a bribe for a celebrity to do something awesome. Anyone can pledge money to that bribe and, if the celebrity takes the bribe and accomplishes the challenge within 30 days, the money goes to the charity indicated.

How long does the celebrity have to complete the challenge?

The celebrity has 30 days from the time the bribe closes, to complete the bribe.

Okay, but why?

This is a fun way to try to get a celebrity to do something we would appreciate. Something funny, odd, or interesting. Something awesome. More importantly, it raises money for worthy causes and helps make the world a little bit better.

What if the celebrity doesn’t do it?

If the celebrity does not take the bribe and accomplish the challenge within the allotted time, no one is charged anything.

What makes an idea for a bribe a good one?

A good bribe is one that:

• is something awesome
• is easy and inexpensive for the celebrity to do
• is verifiable and has some “end-product” that is produced
• is creative
• is not crude, offensive, mean, or endangers anyone’s safety
• is fun
• benefits a worthy charity that is established and reputable
• benefits a charity that either the celebrity has a history of supporting or makes sense given the nature of the bribe

Will this work?

We’ll see. Hope, perseverance, and large numbers of people are powerful things.

UPDATE: Yes. It did work. It works.

Are you planning on having more than one active bribe at a time?

We’d like to keep the energy behind just one at a time for now. If this concept proves successful we might expand to multiple bribes at one time.

UPDATE: Okay, it is successful and we have placed our thinking caps on our heads for improving the site.

Once a bribe is chosen and people donate money to it, will it automatically go to the celebrity to either do or not do?
No. If the number of bribers or amount of money is too low, we may decide to not make the bribe active. That is, we take it down and the celebrity is not “on the hook” to do it. Charity Bribes makes this determination at our sole discretion. If the bribe fails to become active, no one will be charged anything, of course.

Do you take a percentage of the donation?

Yes. Charity Bribes (may) charge 5% in order to cover our expenses and to add new features and functionality. Like issuing receipts and making your donations tax deductible.

UPDATE: Actually we didn’t charge anything on the Larry David bribe and we’re not going to for The Rock. We’re trying to give as much to the charity and run things very inexpensively. Having said that, we may need to charge 5% in the future.

What is the currency in which you accept pledges?

Charity Bribes accepts pledges in United States Dollars (USD).

Are contributions tax deductible?

We are not currently registered as a 501(c)3 charity and don’t know if the charities receiving funds will be able to issue receipts. So, the short answer is no. It’s something we are working to resolve.

If you’re thinking of making a large donation and the tax deduction is important to you, please email us at and we can contact the charity to see if a receipt is possible.

Why do we have to checkout with Stripe?

Stripe offers a simple payments processing solution that will process the transaction and/or a refund until the bribe is completed. Also, it’s really quick, easy and secure.

Are these celebrities “in” on it?

No. We have not contacted the celebrities on this site in advance and we don’t know if they will engage with us or not. This is all an experiment. After the bribe is underway, we will try to contact the celebrity to alert them to what is happening and offer our encouragement.

Something isn’t working. I found a bug.

Please email and tell us about the problem. Please note what browser and version number you are using.

My Question is not here!

Stay calm. Email us at and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.