Where the power of the crowd meets the influence of public figures.

Charity Bribes is a platform that allows anyone to suggest a bribe for a public figure to do something awesome. Anyone can pledge money to that bribe and, if the public figure takes the bribe and accomplishes the challenge within the allotted time, the money goes to the charity indicated.

Coming soon on iOS.
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all-or-nothing approach.

Charity Bribes cranks up the fundraising game by uniting public figures with daring challenges, raising cash for charities only if they nail it, making every pledge count in a thrilling way.



The platform empowers users to suggest, vote on, and pledge funds to creative challenges for public figures, fostering a sense of collaboration and unity for charitable causes.

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Bribe for a better world...

  • Accessible

    Anyone can participate and donate.

  • Transparent

    Follow the progress of the bribe and charity funds.

  • Social Impact

    Make a real difference with your donation.

  • High Impact

    Amplify donations through influence.

  • Risk-free

    Only pay if the bribe is completed.

  • Flexible

    Pledge any amount, large or small, towards a bribe that inspires you.